Grace Missionary Baptist Church

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Sermon TitleScripture RefAudioPreacherDate Preached
Have you been with JesusActs 4:1-15Listen  listenLonnie Bennett11-22-2015 (Sunday Worship)
Must he needs eat grassDan. 4:1Listen  listenLonnie Bennett11-15-2015 (Sunday Worship)
The drawing of GODJer.31:3Listen  listenLonnie Bennett11-01-2015 (Sunday Worship)
Be strong in the grace, that is in Christ Jesus1 Tim 2:1Listen  listenLonnie Bennett10-25-2015 (Sunday Worship)
Contending for the faithJude Vs 1-4Listen  listenLonnie Bennett10-18-2015 (Sunday Worship)
The glories of ChristHeb, 1:1Listen  listenLonnie Bennett09-27-2015 (Sunday Worship)
The secret of peace and success2 Kings 18:1Listen  listenLonnie Bennett09-20-2015 (Sunday Worship)
Don't look backPhilp. 3:4-8Listen  listenLonnie Bennett08-30-2015 (Sunday Worship)
By which ye are saved1 Cor. 1:18Listen  listenLonnie Bennett08-26-2015 (Sunday Evening)
Rending our fleshHeb 10:19-25Listen  listenLonnie Bennett08-23-2015 (Sunday Worship)

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