Grace Missionary Baptist Church

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Sermon TitleScripture RefAudioPreacherDate Preached
He delighteth in mercymicah 7:17-19Listen  listenLonnie Bennett10-19-2014 (Sunday Worship)
But...therefore !1 Kings 11:1-11Listen  listenLonnie Bennett10-12-2014 (Sunday Worship)
The Son of man lifted upJn. 3:1-19Listen  listenLonnie Bennett10-05-2014 (Sunday Worship)
Buy the truthProverbs 23:23Listen  listenLonnie Bennett09-28-2014 (Sunday Worship)
Love, the greatest gift1 cor. 13:1-13Listen  listenLonnie Bennett09-21-2014 (Sunday Worship)
Ye do well, to take heed2 peter 1:19Listen  listenLonnie Bennett09-21-2014 (Sunday Evening)
Blessed are the meekMt. 5:5Listen  listenLonnie Bennett09-14-2014 (Sunday Worship)
Mt. ZionHeb. 12:18Listen  listenLonnie Bennett09-14-2014 (Sunday Evening)
Oblivious to obviousMt 24:1-3Listen  listenLonnie Bennett09-07-2014 (Sunday Worship)
Fleeing from GODPs. 139Listen  listenLonnie Bennett08-24-2014 (Sunday Worship)

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