Grace Missionary Baptist Church

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Sermon TitleScripture RefAudioPreacherDate Preached
What doest thou here1 Kings 19:1-5Listen  listenLonnie Bennett03-29-2015 (Sunday Worship)
The LORD's ChurchMt. 16:13Listen  listenJerry Asberry03-22-2015 (Sunday Worship)
When our change comes1 Cor. 15:51-58Listen  listenLonnie Bennett03-15-2015 (Sunday Worship)
These are theyPs. 107:23Listen  listenLonnie Bennett03-08-2015 (Sunday Worship)
Standing between the dead and the livingNu. 16:1-5Listen  listenLonnie Bennett03-01-2015 (Sunday Worship)
Book of Revelation #11Rev. 4:5Listen  listenLonnie Bennett02-22-2015 (Sunday Evening)
It is good for us...Lk. 9:27-34Listen  listenLonnie Bennett02-22-2015 (Sunday Worship)
Accepted in the belovedEph 1:4-14Listen  listenLonnie Bennett02-15-2015 (Sunday Worship)
Book of Revelation #10Rev. 4:1Listen  listenLonnie Bennett02-15-2015 (Sunday Evening)
Book of Revelation #9Rev 3:14Listen  listenLonnie Bennett02-08-2015 (Sunday Evening)

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